Website Development

Are you tired of the look and feel of your current website?  How well does your website tell your brands story?  The design and development of your website is very important.  Remember, it is your digital business card.  When potential customers/clients are doing there due diligence and comparing you to your competition if you don’t have a functional website that blows your competitors away, you should probably start thinking about fixing it up.  Fixing it up can mean anything from a simple page updates to a full redesign/development project.  It all depends on what you currently have and how well we can make it work to reach your current and future business goals.


According to We Are Social, there were 4.39 billion global Internet users in  2019.  For that reason alone, all businesses should have great websites.  Not convinced?  Here are a couple of other reasons…

  1. Like mentioned above… People are online!
  2. A good website can help enhance your businesses credibility and online reputation.
  3. You can change your business strategy from a single market to global.
  4. 24/7 exposure… remember the Internet never sleeps!
  5. It helps set a positive first impression.
  6. It helps your Search Engine Optimization Strategy.
  7. It sets the impression for good customer service.
  8. It builds trust with your audience and potential customers.
  9. Your competition is doing it!
  10. It creates consistency across all branded materials.


The short answer is YES you need a website strategy!  Don’t worry, we know that by now you’re probably thinking, “all I want to do is get online already, is building a strategy really necessary… I really don’t have time to do it!”.  Think about it like this, building a strategy now will save you time and disappointment in the long run.  A full website strategy gives you the proper lens to look through at a brand new project.  When you started your business, did you build it without thinking everything through first?  Probably not, most likely you built a robust strategy that touched on each aspect of your business.  The same effort should be put into building your website or digital strategy.  Think of it like a business plan specifically for the web. The most common reason for a website project to stall or even fail is a lack of planning… not technical ability or resources, planning!


Website Design/Development Tactics

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